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09 Dec 2016

Advances in oral health technology have allowed Better your Smile in periodontal care to provide a faster, more effective solution to dental crown placement for clients based in the greater Denver area.

The entire family benefits from the general dental care of the Better your Smile in periodontal care. This program cares for smiles of all sizes and ages. Dental care in the child should start early, about the age 3 for proper development to occur.

Periodontal care for Aurora and beyond its borders is a major service area of Better your Smile in periodontal care. Dental studies show that Periodontitis or gum disease has affected about 75% of American adults in the US and has become a national dental health concern. If untreated, gum disease could lead to tooth loss, heart problems, or even diabetes. 

The person with periodontitis will usually exhibit the following symptoms: Swollen, red or tender gums; chronic bad breath, bleeding gums (especially after brushing or flossing), and increased tooth sensitivity (some pain).

Dr. D’Amico or Dr. Mauck provides periodontal therapy as part of Better your Smile in periodontal care to bring back healthy gums and fresher breath in the person. 

The next treatment prevention program of D'Amico and Mauck under the Better your Smile in periodontal care is the TJM support and protection from teeth grinding or bruxism.

Preventive treatment includes fitting a dentist custom-built mouth-guard for children involved in sports as protection from injury, and the use of dental sealants to prevent bacteria to enter the molars, and the use of fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth enamel and enhance smile.

Tooth injury can affect the way we speak and chew food, since at times pain and discomfort are experienced. Better your Smile in periodontal care through a dental crown that mitigates and repairs teeth with the following conditions like chips or cracks, broken teeth, gaps, crowding, deep staining and extensive decay.

Dr. Mauck and Dr. D’Amico use dental porcelain as crown material, which exhibits beauty and incredible strength, allowing the person to retain a health smile and combines the qualities of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. 

In the Aurora clinic where state-of the art dental technology is used, Better your Smile in periodontal care detects early dental problems during a routine check-up, thereby mitigating the risks or lessening the amount of treatment necessary to reverse the dental wear and tear process.

Dr. Nicholas D'Amico and Dr. Matt Mauck of D'Amico and Mauck, DDS would always welcome you to their office at Suite 422, 3131 S. Vaughn Way, Aurora, Colorado to avail of the D'Amico and Mauck advanced and comprehensive dental services. Call now at (303) 502-5591 to make an appointment.




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